As I watch events being played out across the world stage, particularly what appears to be the increasing marginalization of America and the daily ratcheting up of the outcry against Israel to make even more concessions to those who would destroy Her, I am left with an ever increasing sense that time is short. It is almost as if the "birth pains" are now increasing in intensity by the day.

As the world looks on with dismay and perplexity, we as Believers need to focus our attention more and more on the "author and finisher of our faith," the Word, and the need to take inventory of those things in our lives that may hinder us from "running the race that is set before us."

And as we focus our attention on those things that are above and not on the temporal, may our Yahweh instill in our hearts a sense of urgency to redeem the time, that we may serve Him boldly and that our lives may in every way glorify the King of Glory.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update From Sderot 9/30/09

The work on the memorial park continues. Today we dug the first of the footings for the picnic tables. I don't think I will ever be able to complain about the hard California clay soil again. I'm telling you, California has nothing on Israel. We couldn't even use our shovels, instead the four holes we dug today were done by very slowly chipping away the hard compact soil with the claw end of a hammer. Ok, so they say, "Come to Israel, and the Bible will come alive." Well, from now on, whenever I read about the children of Israel pitching their tents, or digging a well, I will definitely see things in a whole new light.

Last night I was very blessed to have the opportunity to teach some basic emergency first aid to a group of sixteen Israeli volunteers. Kobi, the Israeli, who was seriously injured by a kassam rocket in 2005, helped me teach the class. He was a EMT in the IDF so his knowledge, not mention his ability to translate for me was very invaluable.

In other news, there have been a total of five more rocket attacks this week between Rosh Ha'Shanah and Yom Kippur. Apparently, the IDF was able to take out some tunnles during the Rosh Ha'Shanah attacks, and destroyed a rocket launcher following the Yom Kippur attack.

On the lighter side, the sukkah's are being built all over town for the Feast of Tabernacles. The city even trims the palm trees at this time of year so that the fronds will be available for use on the rooftops. Stewart, Kobi, and I had lunch in one today. Shalom

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