As I watch events being played out across the world stage, particularly what appears to be the increasing marginalization of America and the daily ratcheting up of the outcry against Israel to make even more concessions to those who would destroy Her, I am left with an ever increasing sense that time is short. It is almost as if the "birth pains" are now increasing in intensity by the day.

As the world looks on with dismay and perplexity, we as Believers need to focus our attention more and more on the "author and finisher of our faith," the Word, and the need to take inventory of those things in our lives that may hinder us from "running the race that is set before us."

And as we focus our attention on those things that are above and not on the temporal, may our Yahweh instill in our hearts a sense of urgency to redeem the time, that we may serve Him boldly and that our lives may in every way glorify the King of Glory.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Update From Sderot 3/3/10

Well this past week has turned out to be a whirlwind of activities. The days have been full of opportunities to serve, sharing of the gospel, and special times of fellowship and prayer.

This past Wednesday, another ha mutah here in town known as “Hands of Mercy,” blessed the volunteers at “Hope for Sderot” with Purim baskets for all.

To commemorate the miraculous turn of events recorded in Esther, Purim is celebrated with feasts, sending gifts of food to friends and the needy, and with the reading of Esther. The story of Purim reminds us that God is always in control, even when we don’t easily recognize His hand in our circumstances.

Yeshiah the director of “Hands of Mercy” (a ministry that provides clothing for those in need) wanted to bless all of his volunteers as well as those with “Hope for Sderot.” And so a few of us from “Hope from Sderot” and Yeshiah went to the local candy store to buy baskets, candy, and various other treats. After our trip to the candy store we gathered together to assemble the fifty baskets. It was a special time as we came together and worked with one another in order to bless our volunteers.

Later that night, Yeshiah and three other believers from “Hands of Mercy” gathered with us for a spaghetti dinner and prayer and fellowship. We also watched episode two of the “Truth Project.” It is a very special time for us as we are able to gather together once a week to share a meal, pray and fellowship and encourage one another.

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! Psalm 133:1

On Thursday after home deliveries were done for the day, I had the opportunity to make a home visit to Rachel, an elderly lady who had been sick for several days with a respiratory infection, and was now feeling worse. What a privilege it is to use my nursing skills here, and although there is obviously a language barrier, the Lord provided a young neighbor girl with some English skills to help translate. I continue to visit Yael and help her with her physical therapy. She is improving and is beginning to be able to move around better.

We spent two days this week, in Beit Shemesh, where The Joshua Fund just opened a 9000 sq. ft. warehouse. The new warehouse will serve as a centralized location to store food and wartime supplies. The warehouse, when operational, will partner with the smaller moxons like “Hope for Sderot.” It not only will be making weekly deliveries of food to “Hope for Sderot,” it will also coordinate any war-time efforts between the moxons. While we were at the warehouse we helped with the assembling of office furniture, did some cleaning, and labeled pallets from the first food delivery.

There is still much to be done in order to get the warehouse operational, and we pray and trust the Lord to send helping hands. The current “quiet” here is deceiving and very fragile at best. There is a sense of “racing against time” as we work to make things ready. Like Nehemiah, our prayer is that God would prosper the work of our hands.

Thanks to all you prayer warriors who continue to lift me up, Toda raba! I miss you all. Leheitraot!

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