As I watch events being played out across the world stage, particularly what appears to be the increasing marginalization of America and the daily ratcheting up of the outcry against Israel to make even more concessions to those who would destroy Her, I am left with an ever increasing sense that time is short. It is almost as if the "birth pains" are now increasing in intensity by the day.

As the world looks on with dismay and perplexity, we as Believers need to focus our attention more and more on the "author and finisher of our faith," the Word, and the need to take inventory of those things in our lives that may hinder us from "running the race that is set before us."

And as we focus our attention on those things that are above and not on the temporal, may our Yahweh instill in our hearts a sense of urgency to redeem the time, that we may serve Him boldly and that our lives may in every way glorify the King of Glory.

Stories From Hope For Sderot

With permission From Hope For Sderot

Remember Koby?
In spite of the current cease fire rockets continue to fall on Israel from terrorists in the Gaza strip. When you read that a rocket landed and did no damage that is not a true and correct assessment. With every ‘Tseva Adom” alarm that sounds old emotional wounds are reopened and the adrenalin rush of fear races through your body one more time. For some the nightmare of “Tseva Adom” and the results of the accompanying rocket never ends...

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A Smile For Shoshanna
It has been a while since we had an update for you on Shoshanna and our hope to provide her with the needed dental work she needs. It has been a long time since she could smile with a full smile and we still aren’t there yet but we are finally on our way.

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Adopt A Child?
It was a short month but not short on opportunities to help people. Five new babies were born to our family of people we help; two boys and three girls. We were asked by all five for help. Diapers and baby formula are not items we have normally distributed but on occasion would help here and there.
This week alone we have made five trips to the market for diapers and baby formula. It takes about three hundred shekels a month to keep a baby in diapers alone. We were lucky; they were on sale this week… two packs for eighty eight shekels. Formula is fifty six shekels a can.

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